The End-To-End Story of Call Center AI Automation

Tue, Oct 11 • 11am-5pm • Potomac Room (Ballroom Level)

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High attrition rates, difficulty recruiting, rising customer numbers and even higher customer expectations have meant that almost every call center on the planet is under untold pressure. It’s no surprise that over $70bn is forecast to be spent on cognitive services in the enterprise this year.

But, ‘AI’ isn’t a black box that you switch on and it’ll solve all your problems. You need to work out the right use cases for your business, plan the right roadmap, find the right talent and skills, select the right technology and bring all of this together in a way that’ll delight your customers. It’s easier said than done. That’s why most of you have probably had terrible experiences with chatbots and voicebots in the past.

We’re going to change that. We’re going to give you everything you need to start and scale your AI automation efforts in your call center. We’re bringing the world’s leading technology providers, and their clients, to tell you how they did it, what results they’re seeing and how you can do the same.

Regardless of where you’re at with implementing conversational AI into your call center, VUX @ VOICE22 (Presented by Kore AI), will make sure you leave armed with the insights you need to bring about exceptional conversational customer experiences for your customers and business.

Sessions happen Tuesday, October 11 from 11am-5pm, as part of the full VOICE 2022 programming.

VUX World Agenda At-a-Glance

Tue, Oct 11 • 11am-5pm • Potomac Room (Ballroom Level)

11:00am - Opening Welcome, Kane Simms, CEO, VUX World
11:10am - How A Global Hotel Brand Used Omnichannel Conversational AI To Deliver A More Human CX Byline,
Frank Schneider. Verint
11:35am - Making Up For Lost Revenue in 30 Days With Landry’s Inc and PolyAI, Brian Jeppesen & Brad Stein
12:00pm - Lunch Break
1:00pm - Prize Giveaway #1
1:05pm - How Florida Blue’s Visual IVR Processes 1000’s of Digital ID Cards Per Day, Raj Koneru, Founder and CEO, and Daniela Doherty, Florida Blue
1:35pm - Setting Up For Success: The Keys to Strategic Value and Scale, Kane Simms, VUX World
2:00pm - Break
3:00pm - Prize Giveaway #2
3:05pm - Panel: What's Next for Conversational AI?,
Kane Simms, Tarren Corbett-Drummond, Arte Merritt, Tim Holve, and Kevin Fredrick
3:35pm - What's Possible Now and Where's it Going?, Robby Richardson, Cognigy
4:00pm - Leveraging your unstructured text data to understand and better prioritize what you need to build (and how), Greg Whiteside, HumanFirst
4:25pm - How Conversational AI & Automation can Boost Cost Savings & Skyrocket CSAT,
Puru Amradkar, Chief Product Officer, Aisera
4:50pm - Closing Remarks,
Kane Simms

VUX World Speakers

The VUX World program features the leaders and innovators shaping the future of Customer Experience. VUX World speakers include these awesome humans and more to be announced!
Founder and CEO
VP, Strategic Partners and Ecosystem
Conversational AI Global Segment Lead
Senior Strategic Consultant
CPaaS Channel Sales and ISV Partners, North America
Global VP of Solutions Consulting
Chief Product Officer
CEO and Co-Founder
Managing Partner

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